San Diego Navy Serviceman Charged with DUI Causing Death



Fox 5 in San Diego, California is reporting that Richard Anthony Sepolio, 24, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence causing death.

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Carmel divorce lawyers JR & Jill Emerson are committed to helping families through divorce, child custody and child support issues. JR & Jill are here to help clients in Carmel and West Carmel with their family's legal needs. JR & Jill understand the details involved with Indiana divorce laws. Our Carmel family law attorneys focus on Carmel divorce issues including:

Texting While Driving

The dangers of texting while driving (AKA distracted driving) is easy to see, but many people, young and old, choose to text while driving their cars anyway.

This video from the TSA highlights the impact of texting while driving on families.

Faces of Distracted Driving: Casey Feldman, 21


Domestic Violence Lawyer: Domestic Violence in Indiana

Domestic violence is difficult because it can be tough to tell who is telling the truth, who was the aggressor, and the parties readiness to help the State prove their case. These difficulties make domestic violence cases among the most likely to go to trial. Furthermore, there are many cases of false reporting by an alleged victim to manipulate the system in an attempt to hurt the alleged perpetrator.

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DOMESTIC BATTERY: (effective until 7-1-2014)

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog: Whitestown Indiana DUI

Every month, dozens of drivers are arrested and charged for DUI in Whitestown.

DUI Attorney - Whitestown, IN

Police are watching for drivers coming out of El Rodeo, DC's Pub, and the American Legion to name a few. The consequences of driving on Whitestown Parkway (State Road 334) or Main Street after drinking could cost you your freedom. Quite simply, it's not worth the risk.


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